3710 S. Discovery Road
Port Townsend, WA 98368



Chevy Chase Beach Cabins and the adjoining beach is a haven for dogs!

We allow dogs at Chevy Chase Beach Cabins because we are dog lovers ourselves and love to vacation with our furry friends (sorry not cats)! We welcome well-mannered and housebroken dogs in all seven of our vacation cottages with prior arrangement for $20/per dog per night (maximum 2 dogs per cabin). Dogs are treated to the same outstanding service as our human guests. We want your dog to have a fabulous and memorable stay with us, so we ask that you follow the following guidelines to ensure that everyone on the property has a positive experience:

  • Please do not leave your dog unattended in the cabin at any time.
    From experience, even dogs who don’t ever bark tend to do so when left alone in an unfamiliar place. We’d hate to have to call you home from dinner out to retrieve your pooch!
  • Please do not bring your dog into the Guest Lobby/Office area.
    This makes our dog, Scout, bonkers and we often have friends visiting with their dogs.
  • Please do not bring your dog or Scout in the pool area.
    If you are going swimming, we have a shaded area set up by the trees near the tennis court where you can let your dog relax. We have stakes in the ground but please don't forget your leash!
  • Please do not let your dog roam the property unattended and keep your dog leashed or under direct voice control at all times.
    The reality is that not all of our guests love dogs as much as we do. And your dog might poop!
  • If your dog is wet and/or sandy, please do your best to dry them with the dog towels we provided before bringing them in. You can also hose them off if they have had a blast in the mud.
    You do this at home, right? And please, please don’t use the bath towels! If you need more dog towels don’t hesitate to ask. Also, don't forget to turn the hose ALL the way off if you use it.
  • If your dog is inclined to join you on the furniture, please use the provided dog sheets to cover couches, chairs and beds.
    This helps to preserve our furniture and bedding, and we so appreciate it! Again, if you need more just ask.
  • Please scoop all dog waste and drop it in the main dumpster or put it in the hanging garbage bin next to the poop bags.
    There are extra poop bags on the green electrical box in the center of the property.
  • Please give your dog lots of belly rubs, long walks, and in general just spoil them rotten!
    We are honored that you chose Chevy Chase for your pooch vacation!

    Scout is the resident dog at Chevy Chase. We were lucky to inherit Scout from the previous owners (life is too good for her here, no one could picture her as a city dog!). Scout is very friendly, loves children, tolerates other dogs, and loves meeting and greeting guests. She will happily take you to the beach if you want a guide.

Tana, our black lab, moved to Chevy in December of 2012. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to her on October 14, 2013. We are so happy that she got to spend the last year of her life at Chevy Chase and that Scout welcomed and watched over her. She was a social butterfly and loved saying hi to all of our guests (including the furry ones) when she was out and about.
These wonderful photographs of Scout as a puppy (on the furniture! eek!) were taken by the amazing pet photographer Bev Sparks.

Do you have fabulous pictures of YOUR dog from a stay at Chevy Chase?
Please send them our way!

Watch Scout play tetherball on YouTube!


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