We are currently open and hosting guests. The health and safety of our guests, staff, small community and family (this is not just our business it is also our home) is our top priority.

We are located in Jefferson County. Per Governor Inslee's new Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery Plan that was announced January 5, 2021, Jefferson County is part of the "Northwest Region" which includes Jefferson, Clallam, Kitsap and Mason Counties.

Effective February 14, 2021 through February 28, 2021 the "Northwest Region" is in Phase 2.

Please keep in mind that the metrics are reviewed every two weeks and regions can either (a) stay in the same phase (b) move backwards to the prior phase or (c) move forward to the next phase - there are currently no phases outlined past Phase 2. Please keep this in mind when booking reservations.

Check out our amenities page for more info.



-This calendar is not "real time." While we do our best to update it daily,
it is possible that it may not reflect a same-day reservations.

- We have a 2-night minimum in all cabins (3-nights on some holiday weekends and for some cabins during peak season). Due to our enhanced cleaning protocols for COVID-19, we are currently unable to make exceptions to our 2-night minimum even if we show a one-night opening below. We show the one-night openings in case a guest with an existing reservation wants to extend their stay.

-Be sure to take a peek at our SPECIALS page for non-peak season specials.

-We take reservations up to one year in advance, plan ahead for peak season availability!

-Not finding an opening? Give us a call or send us an email - we would love to put you on the wait list.

-You can also view cabins and availability on our online RESERVATION system but at the current time we are taking reservations through phone and email only. We want to personally connect with each of our guests so we have the opportunity to answer any questions about COVID-19 guidelines and our protocols.

via email:
or by phone: 360-385-1270.

February 2021
2/24/2021 Wed              
2/25/2021 Thur              
2/26/2021 Fri              
2/27/2021 Sat              
2/28/2021 Sun              
March 2021
3/1/2021 Mon              
3/2/2021 Tues              
3/3/2021 Wed              
3/4/2021 Thur              
3/5/2021 Fri              
3/6/2021 Sat              
3/7/2021 Sun              
3/8/2021 Mon              
3/9/2021 Tues              
3/10/2021 Wed              
3/11/2021 Thur              
3/12/2021 Fri              
3/13/2021 Sat              
3/14/2021 Sun              
3/15/2021 Mon              
3/16/2021 Tues              
3/17/2021 Wed              
3/18/2021 Thur              
3/19/2021 Fri              
3/20/2021 Sat              
3/21/2021 Sun              
3/22/2021 Mon              
3/23/2021 Tues              
3/24/2021 Wed              
3/25/2021 Thur              
3/26/2021 Fri              
3/27/2021 Sat              
3/28/2021 Sun              
3/29/2021 Mon              
3/30/2021 Tues              
3/31/2021 Wed              
April 2021
4/1/2021 Thur              
4/2/2021 Fri              
4/3/2021 Sat              
4/4/2021 Sun              
4/5/2021 Mon              
4/6/2021 Tues              
4/7/2021 Wed              
4/8/2021 Thur              
4/9/2021 Fri              
4/10/2021 Sat              
4/11/2021 Sun              
4/12/2021 Mon              
4/13/2021 Tues              
4/14/2021 Wed              
4/15/2021 Thur              
4/16/2021 Fri              
4/17/2021 Sat              
4/18/2021 Sun              
4/19/2021 Mon              
4/20/2021 Tues              
4/21/2021 Wed              
4/22/2021 Thur              
4/23/2021 Fri              
4/24/2021 Sat              
4/25/2021 Sun              
4/26/2021 Mon              
4/27/2021 Tues              
4/28/2021 Wed              
4/29/2021 Thur              
4/30/2021 Fri              
May 2021
5/1/2021 Sat              
5/2/2021 Sun              
5/3/2021 Mon              
5/4/2021 Tues              
5/5/2021 Wed              
5/6/2021 Thur              
5/7/2021 Fri              
5/8/2021 Sat              
5/9/2021 Sun              
5/10/2021 Mon              
5/11/2021 Tues              
5/12/2021 Wed              
5/13/2021 Thur              
5/14/2021 Fri              
5/8/2021 Sat              
5/9/2021 Sun              
5/10/2021 Mon              
5/11/2021 Tues              
5/12/2021 Wed              
5/13/2021 Thur              
5/14/2021 Fri              
5/15/2021 Sat              
5/16/2021 Sun              
5/17/2021 Mon              
5/18/2021 Tues              
5/19/2021 Wed              
5/20/2021 Thur              
5/21/2021 Fri              
5/22/2021 Sat              
5/23/2021 Mon              
5/24/2021 Tues              
5/25/2021 Wed              
5/27/2021 Thur              
5/28/2021 Fri              
5/29/2021 Sat              
5/30/2021 Sun              
5/31/2021 Mon              


  = available
  = not available
  = available for extending existing reservation not available for new reservation
  = quiet season rates
  = mid season rates
  = peak season rates

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